Friday, September 19, 2014

Announcing More New Fabric Collections

Our next Bakers Dozen is ready to ship...

This month is Moose Tracks - rich caramel browns, chocolate, and cream...with a little purple. If you are new to our Bakers Dozen - this is 13 fat quarters for the price of 12!  
Our Moose Tracks Bundle was selected from the Buggy Barn Down to Earth and Harvest Home fabrics and the Kansas Troubles Quilters Pheasant Hill Fabrics.   This is a great collection for those Thanksgiving sewing projects!

Moda's Modern Building Blocks Quilt Kits.  Get the kit or just the pattern fan cards.
Just 5 kits left...get yours now before they are gone! And only 1 set of pattern cards are left.  

Fat Quarter Bundle of 8 from the Brambleberry Ridge Collection by Violet Craft for Michael Miller. Metallic Gold accents these beautiful corals and aqua.  

 Emma's Garden Fat Quarter Bundle of 10 by Patty Sloniger for Michael Miller.  This popular bundle is already flying out the door.  

Fat Quarter Bundle of 8 from the modern Brigitte Collection by Contempo Fabrics of Benartex.  We love this lime and grey combination.

Safari Playground Fat Quarter Bundle of 6 by Kanvas for Benartex.  A great baby boy collection  with Hippos, Giraffes, Elephants, Monkeys, Turtles, Zebras, and Crocs.

 Rustique Fat Quarter Bundle of 13 by Crazy Old Ladies for Michael Miller

Up Parasol Entire Collection Fat Quarter Bundle by Heather Bailey for Free Spirit.  Yes, all 24 

Lexington Fat Quarter Bundle of 13 in gorgeous Blues, Tans, and Creams by Minick & Simpson for Moda.   Minick & Simpson always come up with wonderful traditional collections.

Snowbird Fat Quarter Bundle of 11 by Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts for Moda.  This soft blue bundle is perfect for those winter or holiday quilts.  We love this blend of Batiks and Floral.  

   Pine Fresh Fat Quarter Bundle of 10 by Sandy Gervais for Moda.  Another beautiful Christmas collection by Sandy.

This Fat Quarter Bundle of Native Sun by Abi Hall is also flying out the door.   Wonderful fabrics for all of your sewing projects.  We have seen some really fun projects out of these prints on instagram.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Words to Live By Block 8


If you are just joining us, we are making Lisa Bongean's Words to Live By Quilt  - a block each month.  Lisa is the designer of Primitive Gatherings and has hand selected all of the wool and cottons for this BOM kit.  It is not too late to join.  We still have a few kits just waiting for you!  We have tagged all of our blocks - yours may look better by the way - under the Block of the Month tab.

This month we get to add more gold.  As you know, I love the textures in the wool.  The difference in the green leaves is so pretty.  And as you can see, I made an error.  NOTE - Cut 3 more flowers.  I was thrilled to have extra red wool for another project and then thought, "hmmmm maybe I should make sure I cut enough leaves".  It was the flowers I was short on. Cut 8 of #5 flowers (not 5).   

Also save some of the tan background fabric for one of the corner blocks.  If you are making triangles as you go, save at least a 9" square for one corner block background.

You can click on the pictures to see a larger version or see some of the prints up close.  You will love these soft textured wools.  

And I have been trying to keep up on my embroidery.  I am almost finished with the Loyalty Block.  One more flower and then the centers. I love it!  Sorry if you get a little glare - phone shot.
How are you liking the Valdini Threads?  The red keeps knotting and breaking :(.  I have found that it helps to cut shorter lengths than I usually do with the dark red.  Also, any helps on the thin stems?  I try to make the stitches even and match them up the best I can.  I love the simplicity of this block.

Send me pictures of your blocks.  I know we have sold several kits and I want to see your blocks.  Please remember this is my first wool project.  If you can offer some advise or helps - please do so!

Happy Sewing!
Sandra and Kristin

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Words to Live By Block 7


Hope.  I love this block because of the word Hope in the center.  Something spiritual happens when I ponder this word.  Certainly more than a wish, it is faith.  And I would say love. Hope that we can be healed, joined again with loved ones, that wrongs will be righted, that the future will be brighter, and that what we do in this life matters.  I always hope that my children will find faith, hope, charity, and love.

If you are just joining us, we are making Lisa Bongean's Words to Live By Quilt  - a block each month.  Lisa is the designer of Primitive Gatherings and has hand selected all of the wool and cottons for this BOM kit.  It is not too late to join.  We still have a few kits just waiting for you!

You will love the textures - again, sigh - in this block.   I placed the little wings on the diagonal so that the plaid could be seen.  When I placed the wings straight it looked more like black lines on red.  I liked the effect on the diagonal.  Sorry this image is a little blurry.

Remember to save those remnants!

 Another close up of the Hope Block.  Don't you love the textures in those leaves?  This will be a fun block to hand stitch the appliques.

 Speaking of hand stitching.... I have finished my JOY block.  I hope you are way ahead of me.  I am currently stitching the Loyalty block.    Just a quick note - the light red is stitched with Sulky 12 wt thread. I found the reds in the Sulky but not the olive greens needed for this project.  We did not have any shops that carry the Valdani 12 wt threads so I ordered some online and used those for the greens.  As you can see the Valdani threads are thicker and more like a crochet cotton thread.   Remember you can also use DMC embroidery threads.  I believe you will need 2-3 strands.  I am not sure it really matters which thread you use - as long as you love it.

The guys in my family both said, "Wow that is cool" when they saw this Joy block.  I am a beginner with wool applique but still thrilled with the finished blocks.

I hope you have had a wonderful summer.  As fall draws nearer perhaps I can find a little more time to catch up on my handwork.

On another note...

The Moda Modern Building Blocks kits will be arriving this week.  We were able to get 10 more, so we have them available if you want to order yours today.  They will probably ship on Tues - Thurs.  We are so excited about this quilt.   A great skill builder!  CLICK HERE

Yes! That is 13 Fat Quarters for the price of 12.  Join the Bakers Dozen Club.  This month is Licorice - a great collection of black and whites.  Each month will be a themed colorway bundle. The prints are a mystery!  Purchase and join in anytime.  By joining in the club, we will email/invoice you when the next Bakers Dozen Bundle is available. All fabrics are high quality designer quilting cottons.
Bundles will be shipped on the 3rd Tuesday. 

Happy Sewing for the rest of your summer!
Kristin and Sandra

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Just scroll down through all the wonderful new collections we have for you.

First Up... Our 2nd Bakers Dozen Club Bundle is ready to ship.  Yes you receive 13 fat quarters for the price of 12.  This bundle is Candy Corn.  Beautiful yellows and oranges.  We still have a couple left with all of the prints that you see here.  We are short on one print but we will replace it with a similar print if we sell out.  Overall look will be the same.

This Citrus Sunrise Fat Quarter Bundle of 7 by RJR Fabrics matches our Candy Corn Bundle perfectly!

We love this take on Native American prints.  Arizona Fat Quarter Bundle of 9 by April Rhodes for Art Gallery.  Did you see the Pouches we made from this collection?  Make sure to connect with us on instagram for up-to-date projects.
Pattern is Color Block Pouches from V and Co 

 Drift by Angela Walters for Art Gallery Fabrics was in our first Bakers Dozen Collection.  We love these fresh ice blues!

And introducing the Chillingsworth Collection by Echo Park Paper Co for Andover. Purchase Fat Quarter Bundles in purples or in oranges.  The Skeleton panels come in the tan and orange.  We love this collection.  A perfect quilt for your entryway or door!

Moonlight Manor Fat Quarter Bundle of 6 by Deb Strain for Moda.  We have several new Halloween Bundles for you.  Click Here for our fabulous Halloween Bundles and yardage.

 Up Parasol Collection by Heather Bailey is fabulous.  Beautiful aquas, turqoise blues and greens.  It is gorgeous.  I am seeing a lot of Green and Blue combinations.  Love them.

25th and Pine is from Basic Grey.  We love this Holiday Collection.  

 Simply Christmas bundle of 8 was designed by Mary Jane Carey of Holly Hill Quilt Designs for Henry Glass.  Another favorite Christmas Collection.

Collections Circa Fat Quarter Bundle of 8 by Howard Marcus for Moda.   A gorgeous collection that could be used for those Christmas quilt projects.  Moda donates the proceeds of these Collections for a Cause prints.  So beautiful.

 Sweet As Honey Fat Quarter Bundle of 5 by Bonnie Christine for Art Gallery Fabrics.  The bright orange beehive print is so so fun.  And perfect with the Grey Floral.  

Fat Quarter Bundle of 10 from the Emmy Grace Collection by Bari J. Ackerman for Art Gallery Fabrics.  This one is selling fast already.  Great prints for little girl's dresses...and skirts....and blouses....ets

Folklore Fat Quarter Bundle of 8 by Lily Ashbury for Moda.  As you can see above some of theses prints are in the Candy Corn collection.  Bright fun oranges that are fresh - we love these too!

We also have several pre-cuts that are new to our shop.  Make sure to check them out.   We are going to be carrying Jenny Doans pattern books for pre-cuts.  10 of her pre-cut patterns in each issue.  No advertisments!  Just patterns.  You will love these books.

Happy Sewing!
Kristin and Sandra 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Words to Live By Block 6


First Happy Birthday to Sandra on the 28th!  We hope you had a wonderful celebration!  Sandra and I are taking turns blogging this BOM.  But since it was her birthday and she was in charge of her husbands family reunion AND this next weekend is a holiday, I decided to surprise her and post the next block for her. Happy Birthday Sandra!   I had this already to go yesterday but had a picture issue with my camera, and had to have my husband help me when he was available.  This won't hit Sandra's email until the day after her birthday, but I think she will still be surprised.

Block 6 is Trust.  Can you believe we are on block 6?   Again we love the felted wool chosen for this project.  They are all soft nice weight wool and the edges do not fray easily - if at all.   You will love how easy they are to applique.  I think I will be wanting a green houndstooth wool skirt for Fall to match.  I love this green houndstooth for the leaves.

This time I very lightly traced the shape of the wool on my fusible web paper side and then fit all of the small pieces inside.  As you can see, I was able to save a little extra wool.  Also, I did notice that the instructions say to cut out 12 of the Flower Bottoms (Receptacle) but only 10 are used in the block.   See below.

Notice the 2 bottom flowers at the beginning of the stems.  They do not have the bottom part of the flower.  On this block, I did the lettering first.  I did this because I needed to use a light box to mark the stem placements.  I also marked where the flowers ended and where the birds were to be positioned.  I think my bird wings are a little higher that the pattern.  I didn't mark every applique.  You may want to if you are worried about placement.  The great thing about this applique project is that you do have a little leeway in positioning some of the pieces.  I ran into a little problem with the leaves that are closest to the wings.   But I am still happy with the result.  If you want to see how Lisa Bongean's block looked CLICK HERE and scroll down through the blocks.  Linda of The Quilted Pineapple did an amazing quilting job on this quilt.

This is how the block is when you are working on it.  As you can see, there are little pressed center markings still in my block.  Since taking this picture, I have gone back and traced on the embroidery lines.  Now I just need to learn a feather stitch (for the wings).

How is your hand work coming along.  I have almost finished with block one and I plan to do an easy one next.  I will post pictures as soon as I have finished.  Please please send me pictures of your blocks so we can post them too!

Happy Sewing
Kristin and Sandra

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Words to Live By Block 5


 Loyalty is another favorite block of mine.  I have to say that I am always surprised when I press on the wool appliques.  I love the texture, the colors, and the patterns in the dyed wool.  A big Shout Out to Lisa Bongean.  She has selected all of the wool for the kits and I love them.   I even received a "Wow" from my son!

 If you are just joining us, we are making Lisa Bongean's Words to Live By Quilt  - a block each month.  Lisa is the designer of Primitive Gatherings and has hand selected all of the wool and cottons for this BOM kit.  It is not too late to join.  We still have some kits just waiting for you!

 Remember for block 5 to trace all those small images together to save you time and reduce waste.  As you can see I needed to cut out a few separately.  You may want to trace a rectangle the size of your wool and then fit in all of the small heart flower petals.   Watch out the red wool pieces are similar in size.   Although it probably wouldn't really matter if they were mixed up. SAVE those left over wools pieces for another project - they are gold. 
 The background for this block is one of my favorite Primitive Gathering prints.  The only thing with the little black flowers and vines is that they seemed to appear as part of the lettering.
To find the center of my block, I lightly press each way in half as you can see.  This helps with the wool placement as well.

 This picture with my phone might give you better detail.  I went over the Loyalty word twice to make it darker.  BE CAREFUL though and do that only when it has dried from the first inking.  Remember light strokes with the pen. Otherwise you might get some ink bleeding.

I really love this block.  I am going to make some additional half-square triangles today.  As soon as our Sisters & Quilters work is finished.

I hope you are enjoying these blocks as much as I am.

You can find kits available on  If you don't want to adventure into the big quilt, try some single blocks for beautiful pillows or table runners.  And you can really write in any word that you want.  A family name would be perfect. Send us a message if you are interested in purchasing any of the blocks separate.

Happy Sewing!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Join our Bakers Dozen Club!

Yes! That is 13 Fat Quarters for the price of 12.   
This month is Blue Ice.  Gorgeous prints from Art Gallery's Drift by Angela Walters, Floressence by Pat Bravo, and Color Me Retro by Jeni Baker.   All of the prints and colors will be beautiful together is a project.

Each month will be a themed colorway bundle. The prints are a mystery! Purchase and join in anytime. Space is limited. By joining in the club, we will email/invoice you when the next Bakers Dozen Bundle is available. All fabrics are high quality designer quilting cottons.

Bundles will be shipped on the 3rd Tuesday. You will be notified of ship date. First ship date is June17th.

Below is our colorway schedule. Some groups coincide with holidays. Holiday Bundles will be shipped 2 months before the holiday. For example, Black Licorice will be shipped in August and Candy Corn will be shipped in July. Plenty of time for your coming holiday projects.

Bakers Dozen Schedule:
June - Blue Ice 
July - Candy Corn
August - Licorice
September - Moose Tracks
October - Silver Bells
November - Pina Colada
December - Red Hot (Valentines reds)
January - Green Apple
February - Lemonade
March - Raspberry Sherbet
April - Grape Juice
May - Blueberry Parfaits (you asked for more navy)

Link to Details Click Here

New Kits

"O Canada"  For our Canadian customers!  This kit includes all the fabrics you need to make the outside cover of this bright fun bench pillow cover designed by KimberBell.  Kits are $32.50 and sold here

"America.... Land That I Love"  Just in time for July.  Wouldn't this be a fun entry bench pillow to greet your guests !  These covers are interchangeable.  Kim of KimberBell has designed a different pillow cover for each month.  The instructions for the pillow form are included.  To purchase this kit, click here.

Happy Sewing!  
Kristin and Sandra