Thursday, April 3, 2014

Words to Live By Block 3 BOM


I am really enjoying this quilt kit.  I love how the wool adds so much dimension and texture to the blocks.  You will love it too.  Now I just need to add the hand-stitching.  My favorite part of this block is the plaid patterns in the wool.  It is beautiful in the leaves and flowers.
 If you are just joining us, we are making Lisa Bongean's Words to Live By Quilt  - a block each month.  Lisa is the designer of Primitive Gatherings and has hand selected all of the wool and cottons for this BOM kit. I will admit this quilt is a stretch for me.  But so far....soooooo good.

If you want to see Sandra's Love Block 2 with the words embroidered by machine CLICK HERE 
If you want to begin with Block 1 Joy CLICK HERE

 There are several small wool cut outs in this block.  It helps to trace the small circles together in rows.  It will save you a little on the wool.    I did trim the stems just a little thinner towards one end before I pressed them on.  That way they look more like stems.

 If you have received your cotton finishing kit, you can begin your half-square triangles.   Follow your pattern cutting instructions.  I am going to make a set each month. This was the first time I have tried the Triangles on a roll paper guides.  So so much faster.  And no pencil lines to draw!  NOTE - When you pin your fabric with right sides together, place the lighter fabric on the top.  (Not like I did).  When you cut and press the half-square triangles open, it will be easier for you to tear the paper off.
 Stitch right along the stitching lines.  Use a smaller stitch than you normally do so that you can tear away the paper easily.  I just followed the arrows.
 Next cut along the solid lines.  I cut the outsides off first.
 Press your triangles towards the dark side with the paper still attached.  Then tear away the paper guide.  This will be easy if you placed the light fabric on the top.  If you didn't then you can gently tear away the papers and then press.  Be gentle.  Your first set will tell you if you need to lower your stitch length.

Back to the Kindness Block.  Follow the pattern guide and arrange your wool cuts outs.  Press!  Look at those fun plaids and herringbone patterns in the wool. 

If you want to join us, we still have some kits left.  Here is the LINK
Note that Words to Live By Wool Blocks 4-6 are available for purchase.

Happy Sewing! 

We were covered in snow this morning.  I put Disney's Frozen DVD on and cut out those wool pieces.  Perfect afternoon!