Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Snowballs and Hearts? Yes! with more Zoologies....

Yes, that is correct.  We love our customer sharing days!  Send us your pictures.
 Elizabeth Strong is early for next Valentine's Day  ;).  She used the Always & Forever fabrics to create this bright, fun, and beautiful table setting of place-mats and table runner.  Elizabeth - we love your colors and especially the large hearts and pieced borders.  Place-mats are so handy. My family would love these!  Thanks Elizabeth for sharing.  And congrats on being early for next year....the rest of us are way behind you!  Time to finish those holiday UFO's.

 Urban Zoologies need to be buried in somebodies time capsule.  They are always popping up in cute projects.  Brittany Wheeler created these Boutique Diaper Wipe Cases.  So adorable! We love the trim around the edge. You can find these for sale at Crafty Mom Boutique on Etsy.  Click Here for link

So, Leisha and I were talking about creating fun blocks out of basic blocks.  This is the snowball block.  Essentially you sew a smaller square to each of a larger square's corners creating an octagon shape.  You see this block in several quilts.  We were talking about how if you join them together you could make a flower.....Walaaaa...and Leisha did.  Notice that the center square is different than the background fabric and that forms the center of the flower.  Leisha used her red, pink, and green scraps left over from another quilt.  She only had to buy butterfly fabric for the backing.  Smart girl!  This would be a great stash buster!
Of course I am giving you close ups so that you can see her beautiful quilting.    See how there are 4 snowballs to each flower?

I chose to make a star flower using a similar method.  Here is the link to the pattern for purchase:  Click Here for Pattern

Below is a better close up so that you can see the four squares together make the star flower.   I really like this line of fabrics.  I wanted to show off the animal toss print so I alternated the snow ball foursome with a plain block.
 I am including this photo which was taken before Leisha worked her quilting magic.  What a difference the quilting can make huh?  Thank you Leisha!  You made my quilt ten times better.
Below is the Emma Collection.  Such a sweet and cheerful collection.  I love all of these fabrics, but I have to say that Strudel Raspberry wins just because of the fun name.  Of course Strudel Mint (bottom) has to be a close second.

Happy Sewing this weekend!


  1. This is a sweet stunner! and you are right... the names of the fabrics are fun!

  2. Hi. Do you know where I could get this fabric! I think it is just adorable!

    1. We have just a few of the fabrics left. They are called Emma by Cathy Heck.

      Here is the link:

  3. I love the flower snowball squares thank you so much for sharing. Can't wait to try and make one of my own. And the fabric is really pretty too.

  4. I'm going to use this technique to make forget me nots by using blue fabrics

  5. Are the flower centers in the first quilt (Leisha's) made with larger corner squares than the background corner squares?