Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Friendship Strips and Scraps Sewing Group

Have you started your Friendship Strips & Scraps Quilting Group yet?  The pattern is from the book Friendship Strips & Scraps by Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts.  We have met 3 times and our quilts are coming along beautifully.  At our February meeting 4 women shared their quilts.  We hung these fabulous quilt tops on the wall.  We were mesmerized! They are all so gorgeous.  I sincerely apologize in advance to these artists for these pictures since I took them with my cell phone.  I hope you can look beyond the blurries.   The above quilt was pieced by Penny Buetler and quilted by Leisha Farnsworth.  Link to our original meeting in Novemeber CLICK HERE.
  Barbara Dunn (left) and Joleene Kooyman (right) are making their quilts king size.  These quilts were just stunning! Oh how I wish these pictures could be clearer.  I promise next time to take my camera.  As you will see in the pictures below, you achieve just a slightly different look depending on your whites/naturals.
 Barbara used lighter whites/naturals to separate her stars.  She also used an assortment of light to dark strips in her quilt. Remember in our November post we traded 10 strips with 20 ladies.  Yes! That is 200 one and a half inch strips.   Barbara this is stunning!
 Joleene used warmer naturals for her whites and only used medium to darker strips in her quilt.  The result was rich dark tones with the stars.  Theses quilts remind me of mosaics or stained glass.  Another stunning quilt top!  I can't wait to see these quilted.

 Mother Daugher duo Pam Larson (left) and Jennifer Jensen's (right) quilts were also stunning.  As you can see they each used an assortment of whites and naturals for their light triangles.  These quilts are definitely "singing" as Edyta Sitar would say. 
I believe this is a closer look at Jennifer's quilt top.   Edyta Sitar recommends using all of the strips you trade so that your quilt can "sing".  Don't try to match the colors.  Just add strips in a random order.  Let them sing on their own.

Close up picture of one of the quilts.  I believe this is Pam's quilt.

Wonderful job ladies!  Maybe by next month we will have more photos from the rest of us in the group.  Thank you Joleene, Barbara, Pam, and Jennifer for sharing your quilts.  You definitely inspired all of us!

Off to sew......


  1. where is the pattern from?

  2. The pattern is from Friendship Strips & Scraps by Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts