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It is just a coincidence that this is the last block. We have made so many half-square triangle blocks! In fact I thought maybe we should have called this the half-square triangle challenge.  I wanted to alternate types of blocks so you didn't get weary of the same type of square so I kept saving this block.  The Lost Ship reminds me of the Bear Paw Quilt Block.
You may have each large triangle a different print, all the same print, or use two prints like I have done.  As I laid out the quilt blocks, I realized that I had not used much of the main print from my Avalon collection.  You may wish to lay out your blocks and decide which fabrics or colors you need most.  I think this would also make a fun patchwork block - each half-square triangle a different print!

 Cutting Instructions:

  • Cut 10 white/background squares measuring 2 7/8" square
  • Cut 10 print (green) squares measuring 2 7/8" square
  • Cut 2 white background squares measuring 4 7/8" square
  • Cut 2 print (red) squares measuring 4 7/8" square OR  4 large triangles with the the two right angle sides each measuring 4 7/8"

Draw a diagonal line on each of the large white/background 4 7/8" square.  Match each white/background square to one of the large 4 7/8" print squares with right sides together.  Stitch a 1/4" seam away from each pencil line. Stitch down each side.  Click on the picture for a better view to see the sewn seam.  Cut along the pencil line.  Press seams towards the darkest print.
 OR if you are making each large half-square triangle a different print, then sew each triangle to a white/background triangle using a 1/4" seam along the longest edge, forming a half-square triangle.  Press seams towards the print.

Large half-square triangles will measure 4 1/2" square.  Trim off any excess and the dog ears.  Remember to use the 45 degree diagonal lines on your ruler to make sure your squares are 4 1/2" square.  The seams should be centered to the ends of the corners.  This will give you a more perfect point when you stitch the squares together.  Set these four squares aside.

 LAST TIME!  Draw a diagonal line on each of the 2 7/8" white/background squares.  Match each white/background square to a print square and sew 1/4" seam away from each pencil line.  Just like before!

To save time chain stitch these together.  Sew along each side.  Clip threads separating each square.  With ruler and rotary cutter, cut along each drawn pencil line.  Press seams towards the print.

 Trim off dog ears and any excess.   Each half-square triangle should be 2 1/2" square.  You should have 20.
 Sew one corner of the block together first.  Line up the half-square triangles in this pattern.
 Sew the two sides together keeping the printed triangles in the same direction.  Then sew the three bottom half-square triangles together.  Press the seams toward the darkest print.
 Stitch the half-square triangle strip of two to the side of the large half-square triangle.  Press the seam towards the large half-square triangle.
Then attach the bottom strip.  Wait to press this last seam.  Make 3 more blocks like this.  Each block should measure 6 1/2" square.
 Arrange each of the four blocks into the Lost Ship pattern.   Sew the two top blocks together, after pressing the bottom row seams in opposite directions. Repeat with the bottom two blocks.  Press each of those seams in opposite directions.  Then stitch the two strips together pressing the final seam towards the base of the block.  Large block should measure 12 1/2" square.   True up your block.
And last but not least......      THE LOST SHIP QUILT BLOCK

Now for the fun

Congratulations again to  Jeanenne

Winner of a $10 gift certificate to Sisters & Quilters! 

( Winner picked using the Random Number generator - this week winner number 3)

Ansje's Garden Patch Block.  Nice block!  Can I say those little teapots are so fun in the corner squares.

Leisha's Garden Patch Block.  Leisha - I liked how you handled the stripe in the tulip portion of the block.  So pretty!

 Jeanenne sent in two blocks this week.  First is the Garden Patch with some fun chevrons and stripes.
Next is Jeanenne's Pin Wheels.  I love the little chevron print in the pinwheels.  How fun is this!  A great mix white the large floral.  

Michelle just joined us last week and has sent us several blocks.  First is her Garden Patch.  Notice how she used prints for the center squares which gives the Garden Patch a new look.  Love this!  Scroll down through Michelle's next blocks.  You will love them.  Michelle is using fabrics from Lakehouse Drygoods.

 Michelle's Basket of Flowers
Michelle's Bears Paw
Michelle's Yankee Puzzle 
And here is her All Hallow's Block
What a beautiful Blueberry Pie Block!  Love the fussy cut rose in the center.
Another fun rose in the center.  Beautiful Key Lime Pie Block!  Thank you Michelle for sending in your pictures.  Can't wait to see these all put together.

Next week....sashings, corner blocks and borders for the On Point quilt.   You can use the same sashing for vertical rows!

Leisha is making a quilt with the blocks in vertical rows.  She needs 20 blocks total - 4 x 5.  She is making some additional blocks that I thought you might like to see.  Can you see all the half-square triangles.  I am beginning to believe that the half-square triangle can be made into a million patterns.

Oh and must apologize.  I had a cutting error last week - I omitted 2 squares.  I have corrected the post so that anyone new will have the correct cutting instructions.  Always let me know if you see an error!
Happy Sewing !

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