Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Words of Live By Block 4 BOM



I'm a few weeks late on posting this but I am working on it!! :) I love how the wool is so easy to work with and how the patterned wool creates more added interest to the block. I have my first one almost done and quite enjoy the hand work. I wonder how easy it would be to do a buttonhole stitch on a sewing machine. If you have done it, leave a comment and tell us if it's any different with the wool and send pictures, we want to see!

 If you are just joining us, we are making Lisa Bongean's Words to Live By Quilt  - a block each month.  Lisa is the designer of Primitive Gatherings and has hand selected all of the wool and cottons for this BOM kit.

As Kristin mentioned this is NEW for both of us but we are really enjoying this beautiful pattern and fabric designed by Lisa. I have yet to try out the triangle pieces for the quilt. How are you coming on yours?


Here is a close up of my "Hospitality" after I embroidered it on my Bernina. I love doing this. This is one reason I bought my machine two years ago. I love to create!!


Here are all my pieces laid out on the wool. I had to lay all of the red flower buds pretty snug to get them all to fit on the red plaid, but there is enough. There is a little extra of the green that I saved for future use. YES, I am guilty of saving scraps!! Maybe not such a good thing, but you never know when you will need a scrap right??

One thing I really love about this process is that you don't have to be perfect on the placement. As long as you have enough for the seams going around the block you are good. I cut my fabric 13" so I can allow for any shift when I do my embroidery work. My block isn't perfect but these blocks are turning out beautiful! It's fun to pick up and work on.

You can find kits available on We thought the single blocks would also make beautiful pillows for those that don't want to adventure in making the full quilt. Send us a message if you are interested in purchasing any of the blocks separate.


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