Sunday, June 29, 2014

Words to Live By Block 6


First Happy Birthday to Sandra on the 28th!  We hope you had a wonderful celebration!  Sandra and I are taking turns blogging this BOM.  But since it was her birthday and she was in charge of her husbands family reunion AND this next weekend is a holiday, I decided to surprise her and post the next block for her. Happy Birthday Sandra!   I had this already to go yesterday but had a picture issue with my camera, and had to have my husband help me when he was available.  This won't hit Sandra's email until the day after her birthday, but I think she will still be surprised.

Block 6 is Trust.  Can you believe we are on block 6?   Again we love the felted wool chosen for this project.  They are all soft nice weight wool and the edges do not fray easily - if at all.   You will love how easy they are to applique.  I think I will be wanting a green houndstooth wool skirt for Fall to match.  I love this green houndstooth for the leaves.

This time I very lightly traced the shape of the wool on my fusible web paper side and then fit all of the small pieces inside.  As you can see, I was able to save a little extra wool.  Also, I did notice that the instructions say to cut out 12 of the Flower Bottoms (Receptacle) but only 10 are used in the block.   See below.

Notice the 2 bottom flowers at the beginning of the stems.  They do not have the bottom part of the flower.  On this block, I did the lettering first.  I did this because I needed to use a light box to mark the stem placements.  I also marked where the flowers ended and where the birds were to be positioned.  I think my bird wings are a little higher that the pattern.  I didn't mark every applique.  You may want to if you are worried about placement.  The great thing about this applique project is that you do have a little leeway in positioning some of the pieces.  I ran into a little problem with the leaves that are closest to the wings.   But I am still happy with the result.  If you want to see how Lisa Bongean's block looked CLICK HERE and scroll down through the blocks.  Linda of The Quilted Pineapple did an amazing quilting job on this quilt.

This is how the block is when you are working on it.  As you can see, there are little pressed center markings still in my block.  Since taking this picture, I have gone back and traced on the embroidery lines.  Now I just need to learn a feather stitch (for the wings).

How is your hand work coming along.  I have almost finished with block one and I plan to do an easy one next.  I will post pictures as soon as I have finished.  Please please send me pictures of your blocks so we can post them too!

Happy Sewing
Kristin and Sandra

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