Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Words to Live By Block 9


If you are just joining us, we are making Lisa Bongean's Words to Live By Quilt  - a block each month.  A beautiful Heirloom Quilt.   Lisa is the designer of Primitive Gatherings and has hand selected all of the wool and cottons for this BOM kit.  It is not too late to join.  We still have a few kits just waiting for you!  This is a great project if you have never done embroidery with wool.   We are beginners too!
We have tagged all of our blocks under the Block of the Month tab if you need to catch up.

Block 9 appliques are each separate pieces - no two are the same.  So you will need to trace each one.  Good news - they are all good size pieces except one.    Lisa has all ready grouped them together for you in the pattern.  If you are not sure which pieces to group together, notice in your instructions how the pattern piece numbers are grouped together by the color of wool. 

Notice all of the beautiful texture in the wools.  I love the batik looking these red wool flowers. 
 Remember to use light strokes and then go over what you need to without letting the marker "sit" on the fabric - it will bleed.   I had just a smidgeon of  marker bleeding on my "C" - the end dot. 
This block will be fun to embroidery!

How are you coming on the embroidery?  I am waiting for some pictures!  Please send me some.
I am a little behind.  But - I did finish the Loyalty Block last month.  
I had hoped to have one block embroidered before I applique another block.  Oh well.  I am a little more than half way.  The stems and leaves all get a very light olive green Valdini thread.  It looks a little gold in the picture.  Loving these birds.

This has been a fun project for me.  I am learning so much.  Guess you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Remember to send us some pictures of your finished projects!  Did you see last weeks sharing day?  It was awesome.

Happy Sewing 
Kristin and Sandra

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