Monday, January 11, 2016

Final Blocks for Moda Sampler Block Shuffle Quilt Along

The final 3 blocks....

Correction  on this pattern - you will need 4 2" squares of the Background.  Card calls for 2.

Link to Inside Flying Geese Border

Link to Setting and Finishing Instructions

I am working on block 30.  I will post a picture as soon as I have finished.

Enjoy these last 3 blocks.

Remember to download and print out the patterns if you are not finished.


  1. Здравствуйте, мне очень нравится Ваш блог!!!Я пытаюсь шить одеяло по Вашим схемам и мне очень нравится этот процесс...Я заметила, что вместо 29 блока загружен 28...Спасибо!!!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing all these blocks with us! Even though I haven't started mine yet, I have set aside the fabric I am going to use. Will you please fix the link for block 29? It links to block 28. Thanks again! I have really enjoyed all these blocks.

    1. Hi Carol. The link is fixed. You can print it now. Thank you!

  3. The link for 29 is actually for 28. Can this be fixed?