Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Thanksgiving Weekend Sale and Free Bow Pattern

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend to you all!

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As Promised.... A Free Bow Quilt Pattern

I made one of these quilts in ivory and then in grey.  The pictures below will feature both quilts.
Finished quilt measures 48.5" square
Each finished block is 6" square
All seams are 1/4"

You will need:  
25 sets of 3" squares for the bow blocks (that is 50 cut squares 3" x 3")
2 yards for background- cut 64 squares 6 1/2" x 6 1/2" for each background block
1/3 yard or 12" for binding
2 1/4 yards for a pieced backing 

First just pull some of your favorite fabrics from your stash.  You will only need sets of 3" squares for the bows, so your stash works great!  

 I first drew a diagram of the placement of each block to form the bows.  There are 8 blocks across and 8 blocks down.  There are 25 bows.  FOLLOW  this diagram as you stitch your rows together.

Arrange the 25 sets of squares in the order that you want them to appear in your quilt.

 First pencil in a diagonal stitching line.  Yes, I penciled mine in to be more accurate.  Just turn on a good Hallmark movie and this will go by quickly!  You can use the method that you like best.  Stitch one of the 3" squares on the diagonal line to the bottom corner of one of the 6.5" background blocks.

Here I have stitched 2 squares to show you how the bow forms.  The bottom block will actually be on the second row.

With your ruler set the 1/4" marking line directly on your stitched line and trim off the excess.  This will give you a 1/4" seam line...see below

Note the 1/4" seam left on the block

Press the triangle piece back.  Make sure to position your triangles correctly if you have to match up a direction fabric for your bows like I did here.  You will work row to row now so that you can match up the bow prints.  "True Up" your blocks to 6.5" square.  Sometimes those triangles can be a little uneven and you will definitely want to square those up.

FOLLOW the diagram pattern above as you sew your quilt blocks together.  Notice there is an alternate plain block between each bow block.   Also as you can see, the center blocks will have a bow triangle on opposite corners.  The end blocks will either be a plain solid or only have one triangle in a corner.
Stitch one row of 8 blocks together.  For the second row, determine which triangles you want in each corner and stitch them as above. BEFORE you sew the row together.  
If you want to stitch all the triangles at once, then layout your entire quilt blocks pinning the 3" squares at the corner of each block.  

Press the seams of each row of blocks in opposite directions so the seams will nestle up nicely together creating less bulk.  If you look closely, you can see the seams in each row lay a different direction.  After you attach 2 rows together, press the horizontal seams towards the bottom of your quilt.

 Your sweet bow quilt should measure 48.5"x 48.5" square.  

Binding strips should be cut 2.25" wide.  Use your favorite binding method.  I machine stitch the binding to the front and hand stitch to the back of the quilt.   I am off for a road trip and have my nad sewing ready to go.  Note the cute row quilting done by Leisha Farnsworth of Quilting It!

Happy Quilting!  If you make a quilt like this, please please send us a picture!

Kristin and Sandra 

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