Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Halloween "Home is Where the Haunt Is" Quilt Along Part 3

Get ready for some Hand Embroidery!  As you can see from the pictures below, I am a beginner too. For those of you just joining in, this is our Halloween Quilt Along.  This pattern was designed by Kim of Kimberbell Designs.  She has wonderful instructions and lots of pictures.  You will enjoy this pattern.  Quilt kits are available in our shop!
 Only a few seams and another spider to applique this week.  Then on to the embroidery.

 Your kit bag this week includes the above fabrics, embroidery floss, and ric rac.  The small square with the oval of fusible webbing on it was in last weeks kit.  Remember I said to save it for this week.  Prepare your spider the same way as last week.  The cream and black 5 inch squares are for next weeks project.  Set them aside. 
 The fabric in the bottom of this picture looks white, but it is actually cream with little branches on it.  Sew the two rectangular pieces (cut yours as directed by the pattern) to the bottom of last weeks finished block.  Remember we are using 1/4" seams.  That's it! Your only seams this week are done.   I pressed the seams towards the black fabric because of the embroidery work we will need to do on the cream fabric.

Position your ric rac and sew into place.  As you can see I positioned where I wanted my spider to go first and then pinned on the ric rac.
Applique your spider.  I used the same blanket stitch as last week with black thread.
Trace your embroidery pattern on your cream squares.  I used a Pilot Frixon pen - the ink disappears with pressing.  (I have heard of the ink disappearing if left in a car on a hot sunny day)  I like the fine tip and the fact that the lines will disappear.  You can also use a pencil.
 I didn't have any problem seeing through the fabric to trace the pattern.  No light box or window taping needed.  You may need to tape yours to the window or use a light box if your fabrics are darker.

Beginner Alert :)  Yes I am fairly new to embroidery.  This is a fun project and you don't have to be perfect either.  I figure a Halloween project is the best to learn on!  It will be fine if our lines are not perfect!  Right!   It has been 20 plus years since I have done embroidery work so please go easy on me!  Thanks in advance. 

Separate your black embroidery floss as directed in your pattern instructions.
 The pattern has a wonderful diagram that explains the back-stitch.   Read through your pattern first. 
Thread your needle and knot your thread at the end of the three strands.  Do not double the floss in your threaded needle or you will have 6 strands and that will be toooo thick!  Begin at the end of starting line and bring the needle through from the back to the front of your fabric.

The above two pictures are actually ONE sewing step.  Point the needle down into the fabric to make your first stitch BUT  then bring it back up through the fabric creating your next stitch.   Try and stay ON your traced lines.  Any wavering and your stitches WILL be crooked.  Be patient.  Try to make even stitches - about an eighth of inch is a good stitch for this project. 

 Yes!  One stitch done.... 999 to go...
 BACK-STITCH - Go back to the previous stitch and insert your needle down through exactly where the first stitch ended bringing it back up through the fabric like before coming underneath where your thread is another 1/8th of a inch.  Keep the thread consistently to the same side.  I prefer to keep my thread to the top of my stitching.  You will repeat this process a thousand more times  :)
 Pull needle through snug, but not too tight - you don't want to pull or gather the fabric.
 Two stitches down.....998 to go :)
 Keep repeating the process.
 Three stitches down....997 to go :)   I am just teasing about the stitches to go.
 For the filling stitches - Use 2 strands of floss.  Just take small stitches next to each other filling in the space. You will outline this with the black, but still try to stay on your pattern lines.
And I am still stitching.  Am I half way there?  This is something you can get started this week and keep working on over the next couple of weeks.  I will post a picture of my handwork when I am finished.  Remember to embroider the legs on the first spider.

Happy Sewing!

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