Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Pin Wheels

 Pin Wheels are always a favorite for quilters.  As you have experienced, there are often Pin Wheels inside other blocks.  This time there are five.  This is a super easy block!  And a great block to join together in an entire quilt.
 Cutting Instructions:

  • Cut 4 background print/solid squares measuring 4 1/2" x 4 1/2", set aside
  • Cut 2 print (green) squares measuring 5 3/4" square for the pin wheels
  • Cut 2 print (green) squares measuring 2 7/8" square for the pin wheels
  • Cut 2 print (red) squares measuring 5 3/4" square for the pin wheels
  • Cut 2 print (red) squares measuring 2 7/8" square for the pin wheels

 Just like you have done before, draw a diagonal line on two of the print (green) 2 7/8" squares.  And draw a double diagonal line on two of the large print (green) 5 3/4" squares.  Match these prints squares up with the other print (red) squares of the same size.
 Chain stitch your squares to save time.  Stitch a 1/4" seam away from each pencil line on each side.

  Can you see the 1/4" seam alongside each pencil line?

 With a rotary cutter and ruler, cut the 2 7/8" squares apart on the diagonal line.   Press half-square triangles open with seams towards the darkest print.  Trim off dog ears.  Half-square triangles should be 2 1/2" square.   You will have 4 squares.

 With rotary cutter and ruler, make a cut vertically through the 5 3/4" square at the center mark.  This should be 2 7/8" from the side.  Repeat this same cut through the center horizontally.   Do not separate squares!  I did this in the picture so you could see where to make the cuts.  Next cut through the square on the drawn diagonal lines.  This should give you 8 half-square triangles.  Repeat this process with the other 5 3/4" square for a total of 16 half-square triangles.  Press the triangle open, with seams towards the darkest print. Trim of the dog ears. Half-square triangles should be 2 1/2" square.
 Arrange the 20 half-square triangles into five pin wheels.

 Sew the half-square triangles together in rows first.  Press seams in alternate directions.  Nestle seams together and sew the two rows together forming the pin wheel.  Pin wheels will measure 4 1/2" square.
Form the Pin Wheel block alternating the pin wheels and the print/solid 4 1/2" squares.  Sew squares together in 3 rows.  For less bulk, press seams towards the plain square.  Join the 3 rows.  The block will measure 12 1/2".

And there you have it..................The Pin Wheels Block

Now for the fun

Congratulations again to Ansje

Winner of a $10 gift certificate to Sisters & Quilters! 

(This is the 3rd win for Ansje.  Winner picked using the Random Number generator!)

Sandra's is catching up her blocks.  This is her beautiful Bears Paw Block.  Love the traditional prints.

Leisha's Blueberry Pie Block.  Leisha said this was one of her favorite blocks.  Mine too!  Thanks Leisha for sharing this with us.

Jeanenne's Blueberry Pie Block.  Another fun combination of prints.  We just love seeing all the different colors and prints together.  Thanks Jeanenne!

Ansje's Blueberry Pie Block is so fun with those Mary Engelbreit prints.  Beautiful block.  Thanks Ansje!

Any more pictures of your blocks.  Send them to or

Thanks to those of you who are sending in your pictures!

Happy sewing Pin Wheels this week!


  1. thankyou again girls for sharing your beautiful quilt blocks with me .I love them

  2. Your welcome. Have fun! Remember to send us pictures when you are finished. We love to share them on our blog.