Friday, August 30, 2013

We are HAPPY to announce that we now carry Jiggybars


Here is the story behind how this all began...


Beautiful Jocie 


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A beautiful spring day in March 2008 tragically changed our family forever.  Our adorable 15 year old daughter Jocie heartbreakingly passed away in a skiing accident in Northern Utah.  Only those that have experienced the dark mourning that comes with losing a child can understand the helpless, senseless, haunting feeling that follows you like a dark shadow.  I had this desire, an unquenchable thirst to somehow memorialize our beloved daughter. During this initial phase of mourning, for an unknown reason I became attracted to and started keeping bees. Observing a thriving, living, active colony of bees was both therapeutic and healing. I honestly believe the bees saved me.
In addition to delicious honey, my first harvest also produced a considerable amount of pure golden beeswax which intrigued me. Jocie who was well known by her nickname” Jiggy”, constantly carried a tube of lip balm with her.  And just like that…jiggystick was created!

Memorial Jiggysticks

Along with producing great lip balm, part of the jiggystick vision is to memorialize young children that have passed away too soon...providing some small level of comfort for mourning friends and family.  Periodically we will produce and donate a special run of jiggystick dedicated to the memory of a lost loved one. This typically occurs on a marked memorial date like birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  Jiggystick is honored to have been a part of “Huckleberry Hike” dedicated to Parker Bradford and “Maddie Mango” dedicated to Madison Kimball.

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If you would like to nominate someone for a memorial jiggystick production run please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Save the bees...

As lovers of all things bees, Jiggystick will donate a portion of our annual profits towards colony collapse disorder research and placing beehives in 3rd world countries.

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This is a wonderful thing the Garlicks are doing in memory of Jocie! Thank you Lisa for permission to use your pictures and story!! You will love these lotion bars! Besides the way your skin will feel they smell heavenly!!


Check them out HERE .

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