Monday, November 9, 2015

Moda Sampler Shuffle Blocks 4-6

Still Shuffling!  Join in the fun...

Gardenvale Blocks 4-6

Aloha Girl Blocks 4-6

JOIN with us as we follow along with Moda's Sampler Block Shuffle. We are in the second week.  It is not too late to begin your  blocks.  

We will post our blocks on instagram and our blog. Each week Moda will provide 3 free block patterns with tips and teaching tools. Sharpen you skills and techniques. 

At the finish you will have 30 blocks and 132 Flying Geese to shuffle into your favorite arrangement.  

Each pattern will be available to download for 2 weeks after it is posted.  Each week we will post new patterns for you.  Make sure you come back each week for the new pattern cards.  If you can't sew your blocks this week, make sure to download or print the patterns.

Note if you have a directional fabric like I did.  Cut all of your squares the same direction.  When you sew the half-square triangles, stitch them all in the same diagonal direction.  Then when you arrange them, the directional print will point towards the center (or away from the center).   Fussy cut if you the directional prints in a specific direction.

Flying Geese Border Pattern link.  Make a set with each block and you will be almost finished when you complete your blocks.  Watch this week for another post of flying geese for the inner border.  I can show you some fun options with less waste.

Hints or Helps:
Block 4 is another good block to test your 1/4" seams.  And make sure they are straight.  I really have to watch to make sure that the last part of the seam is straight till the very end of your rectangles.

Block 4 - press the seams to the darkest print if you are using 1 light and 1 dark print.  All your seams with "nestle" together perfectly.

Block 5 - Square up those corner half square triangles before you sew the block together.  This takes just a minute and saves you from wonky blocks.

Block 6 - These Flying Geese units are made with corner squares sewn on the angle.  Make sure you stitch straight from corner to corner to avoid curved flying geese.

Blocks 1-6 in Gardenvale.  We are loving this black white polka dot with Jen Kingwell's Gardenvale.

Tag us #sistersandquilters so that we can see your blocks!

Enjoy the shuffle
Kristin and Sandra

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