Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Another fun sharing day....about 20 items!

Please scroll down through all of the projects.  I guarantee it will be worth your time!

This quilt was made by one of our customers.  It is truly a work of art.  We love the star and windmill pattern.  Thank you Chris Enriquez for sharing your talents with us.  You inspire us all! This quilt is amazing! Click on the picture for a closer look!  Beautiful quilting.  This was made with the Luna II fabrics.

I just can't choose which burp cloth to share....these combinations are from our Urban Zoologie or Ready Set Go Bundles.  They were made by the ladies at Sweet Stitches Desgin and well, they just make us happy!  Look at the fun combinations.
 Do you need a gift for twins?

 I love these Coquette Art Gallery Fabrics picture below - what a fun combination this is!
 Also, these Diaper Clutch Holders would really come in handy.  Where were all these products when my children were little?

Thanks for sharing these with us Jacki & Brett!  You can find these items in their Etsy Shop at this link:

OK this is another one - How do I choose which cute baby T to share???? I will have to post several.  I can't pick!  These are all from BEBE Boutique.  Check out the beautiful embroidery work. The designs are all bright and cheerful - so awesome.

 You can find Bebe Boutique at this link:

Remember the Sock Monkey?  How cute are these bean bags from Angel & Michelle over at BAMCraftyMommas!
Link to their shop
I really want to make a Sock Monkey Doll!

 Look at these next two projects from the Farm Fresh Charm Squares. Cute pinwheels (pinwheels are always in)  on this quilt made by Lacey Castor.   This brown polka dot is one of my favorite polka dots.  Thank you Lacey for sharing this with us!  We love to see what your making!

And banners/bunting are so popular right now.  This is from Lisa Summerhays.  Click on the pictures so you can see a larger image.

Katy J made these items for herself.  We love the bright colors.   Another fun quilt/burp pad project featuring Ann Kelle fabrics.  It is fun to see the fabrics together in a quilt! This collection is one of my personal favorites.  I am a succor for argyles.  Thank you Katy for sharing these with us. We have sold several of these helicopter bundles to Air Force wives making quilts for their babies or for decorating their boy's rooms.  The bag and ipad cover pictured below is from our Scribble Collection.

 Katy has a shop on Etsy named the Knackatorium where you can find the bags and ipad covers.  Link:
Thanks for sharing everyone!!!  Your creations are beautiful!

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