Friday, November 4, 2011

Introducing... ECHO by Lotta Jansdotter

We fell in  love with this collection the minute we saw the sample cards.  The fabrics are much more wonderful than the pictures!  We just received them a few days ago and all ready we have sold some of each of the prints. They won't last long!

Are you familiar with Lotta Jansdotter?   "Lotta ‘s aesthetic is deeply rooted in the Scandinavian landscape.  Her Swedish heritage is also apparent in her pragmatic and self-sufficient approach to design. Lotta takes the basic craft skills she learned as a child, such as potato printmaking and simple sewing, and stretches them into sophisticated tools. Her look is sleek and urban" (Windham Fabric introduction).   I love the bold Moria flower design.  And the Florine reminds me of Dandelion seeds in late spring.   The above collection includes:  Moira Apricot Fabric, Ranka Sarsparilla, Florine Sarsparilla  
So this collection is my favorite.  I want to make a bag out of the Florine Brass Mesh and the Choma Golden Rod - with the Little Florine Urban Sunrise on the inside of the bag.  Don't you love this ironwood color? 
The above collections includes: Little Florine Brass Mesh Fabric, Florine Brass Mesh, Little Florine Urban Sunrise, Choma Golden Rod, and Aneta Ironwood Fabric  
This mix of Catalina, Indigo, and Navy Blue is classic.   The above collection includes:  Aneta Catelina, Moira Catalina, Ranka Indigo, Moira Deep Indigo,  and last but certainly not least is Ruta Navy.
If you would like to know more about can find her on YouTube.  Make sure to watch the videos on potato printing!

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