Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What's new at Sisters & Quilters?

Amy Butler's Fabrics from the Lark Collection combined with the new Modernology Fabrics by Art Gallery.

What do you think?  Gorgeous?  I think so too. Pictured here are Amy Butlers's Midnight Sparkle and  Treasure Box (4th and 5th fabrics from top).

And more Art Gallery Fabrics are in......some of your favorites are back along with some new!  

 Like this Medallion Iron Bazaar Bundle. One of our top sellers!  Especially the center Medallion Iron fabric in the center. This fabric drapes beautifully for skirts or dresses.  Pat Bravo is the designer.  She definitely has a fresh, contemporary look to her designs. Her goal - to bring you the latest "out of the ordinary" designs.
 We ordered more of these Coquette collections as well.  The Eggplant Oval Elements (2nd fabric picture 1) and the Sweet Pea Oval Elements (bottom fabric picture 2) were some of your favorites.
 I have seen a skirt made with the Coquette Flower Bed Blush and I loved it. This bundle pictured above includes; Flirt Power Grey, Sweet Pea, Flower Bed Blush, Eggplant, Mosaic Rose, and Mod Ring Slate.
This is a new print named Woven Passion from the Bespoken Collection.  
 Here it is mixed with a few other fabrics.   These fabrics really are easy to mix together. 

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